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Home Learning Ideas

At Gainsborough Primary School children are expected either to read at home every day or complete a reading activity, preferably with an adult who they can discuss their learning with. Children are also asked to learn spellings, number bonds, times tables and do matheletics (where possible). We also expect the children to contribute to their topic work by doing their own research at home.

We know it can be hard to get your child to talk about what happened at school, but by talking to you and ‘teaching’ you, it will aid their learning and understanding.

Links for Parents

Guide to Home / School Reading Support

The home learning records may be used by teachers and parents/carers for comments on reading and other school activities.

The following ideas may help you to enjoy reading activities at home with your child and may help your child to make progress in this skill.

  • Find a set time for quiet reading together. Read to your and talk about the book. Don’t always expect your child to want to read to you at the end of a long day.
  • Keep the session short, 20 minutes can be quite a long time if it’s just reading. This should be a time to talk about books & reading.
  • Read from a choice of fact and fiction books.
  • If things are not going well – stop.
  • Play I – spy games. Scrabble. Word games.
  • Show your child that you value books and take care of them.
  • When you are out, read signs, labels, instructions.
  • Make up words from car number plates!
  • Use the subtitles that are provided on most TV programmes during children’s viewing hours.
  • Cook with your child and follow recipes or instructions on packets.
  • Visit bookshops and discuss the books you look at.
  • Visit your local Library
  • Encourage your child to read in your family language.

You can also do similar activities with numbers