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School Values





Community - we are proud to be part of the Newham community and foster positive relationships with our families. We support families in need and have excellent relationships with them. We teach the children about their own local community, city and surroundings. We also challenge our children to branch out and dream big beyond their own community. 

Aspiration - we have high expectations of our children and ourselves. We believe every child should make fantastic progress from their different starting points. We work hard to continually improve and understand that school improvement is a constant effort. Children are taught to a high quality and we are relentless in ensuring children meet and exceed national expectations. We do not fear change, we embrace it! 

Resilience -  at Gainsborough we challenge our children to push beyond their comfort zone. We do this in class with challenges to deepen and broaden knowledge. Children who access our hub provision are carefully supported to challenge themselves through the quality provision provided. We demonstrate resilience ourselves with an awareness that working in a school can be challenging, but every challenge is an opportunity to reflect and improve. 

Equity - as a school and trust, equity is at the forefront of our approach. We understand that children need different scaffolds and support to be successful. Staff have a strong understanding that children face different challenges and disadvantages. At Gainsborough we prioritise levelling the playing field and supporting everyone to succeed. 

School Ethos

  • To know our children well – the positives, the negatives and their barriers.
  • To accept our children as they are and nurture what they have so they can be the best they can be.
  • To give our children real learning experiences and encourage a thirst for knowledge.
  • To be committed and give the best of ourselves.
  • To provide challenge for our children, whilst understanding their starting points, to enable them to be the best they can be.
  • For children and staff to feel supported and valued.

Our responsibilities

  • To be clear about the learning behaviour we expect and ensure we model it.
  • To ensure that there are consistently good teaching and learning opportunities and real life experiences across the school, for all our children.
  • To remember that without basic needs being met learning cannot happen.
  • To understand the learning that each child need and ensure their needs are met.
  • To ensure a safe environment for all.
  • To support each other and work together.

Gainsborough Family

A school community with warmth, support and teamwork (adults and children).
Skills and attributes:

  • engaged and motivated
  • active listening
  • interacting with peers and adults
  • internalise and able to orally explain
  • know what they are learning and what the next steps are
  • building good relationships
  • peer support
  • pride in the school and looking after it

School Rights

1. To learn and develop

2. To be treated with dignity and respect

3. To be safe and thrive

School Rules

1. Be a Learner 

2. Be Respectful 

3. Be Safe