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Resource Provision for Autism

Gainsborough has a well-established resource provision for autism. We have 14 places within the resource provision that are allocated by Newham SEN Section to pupils who have a diagnosis of autism and a high level of need. In some circumstances pupils are allocated a place mid-phase, but generally pupils are transitioned into the provision in their reception year.

Inclusive Learning
Inclusion is central to the work we do at Gainsborough and benefits all pupils within the school. Pupils in the Resource Provision are based within a mainstream class, and learn alongside their peers. Reasonable adjustments are made in order to facilitate inclusion in class activities, for example tailored visual supports, functional communication systems and changes to the pupil’s environment. We celebrate diversity within our school community and encourage all pupils to show support and understanding towards each other.
Pupils have access to a broad, developmentally appropriate curriculum alongside their mainstream peers. The autism specialist teachers, class teachers and speech and language therapists work together to provide learning opportunities which are highly personalised and differentiated to meet each individual’s needs. Pupils are assessed and the information is used to create an inclusion plan. This incorporates the pupil’s timetable, educational targets, delivery of interventions and guidance on how to support the pupil. Highly trained support staff facilitate access to learning in liaison with the specialist teachers. Learning experiences are meaningful and have a clear purpose for our pupils, encouraging motivation and engagement. 

Educational approach
Gainsborough School supports pupils on the autism spectrum by using the SCERTS model. This research based, educational approach targets the most significant challenges faced by pupils with autism and their families. We prioritise the strategies and support that will lead to the most positive long-term outcomes. We have high aspirations for our pupils and aim to provide them with the skills they need to improve their quality of life for the future, for example functional life skills and greater independence. We support our pupils to gain the skills they need to go into the community and access services such as the library, public transport and shops.
Within the SCERTS model we implement a variety of different evidence based interventions aimed at developing learning and communication skills, and promoting pupil’s emotional understanding. These include Attention Autism, Colourful Semantics, Intensive Interaction and TEACCH amongst others. 

Specialist provision
At Gainsborough we have autism specialist speech and language therapists who provide targeted support for our pupils in the Resource Provision on a weekly basis. They assess the pupil’s communication and liaise with pupils, staff and parents in order to co-write termly targets to ensure progression. In addition they lead on delivering targeted interventions and staff and parent training.  

In order to meet their sensory needs, pupils in the Resource Provision have access to specialist facilities such as a soft play room, a sensory room and a sensory garden. Pupils have planned sensory interventions in addition to physical breaks to support their learning and development. Pupils are referred to outside agencies as appropriate, and we receive support in school from the occupational therapy service.