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Staffing 2023-2024

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Barb Sims 

Executive Principle

Mrs Lisa Christall

Head Teacher

Mr Bradley Saunders 

Deputy Head Teacher

Ms Sara Amin

Resource Provision and Inclusion Lead

Mrs Lucie Baxter-Lacey

Safeguarding and Vulnerable Children Lead

Ms Emma Webb

EYFS  Lead and Nursery Teacher

Mrs Julie Carver

Year 4/5/6  Lead and Year 6 Teacher

Ms Merline Worgess

Year 1/2/3 Lead and Year 2 Teacher

Ms Samantha Roach 

School Operations Manager

Inclusion and Pastoral Team

Ms Olivia Silver 


Miss Louise Jamieson 

Attendance Lead and Early Help Practitioner


Ms Halima Begum


Ms Emma Webb (Also SLT)


Ms Judith Kasogbia 

Year 1

Ms Merline Worgess (Also SLT)

Year 2

Ms Shahnaz Begum 

Year 3

Ms Nasrin Begumn

Year 4

Ms Afsana Yasmin (Maternity leave)

Ms Samia Ferdous )Maternity cover)

Year 5

Mrs Julie Carver (Also SLT)

Year 6

Miss Abigail Stains

SEND Teacher

Ms Sarah Porteous-Heath

Reading Lead and Intervention Teacher

Adults that Support Learning (ASLs)

Miss Tracey Campbell (Lead ASL)

Mrs Kim Young (Lead ASL)

Ms Sharon Turney

Mrs Nadia Malik

Ms Andrea Reid

Mrs Minara Ali (P/T)

Ms Mariana Gardoce

Mrs Kelly Bah

Miss Leanne Carver (P/T)

Mrs Sangima Chowdhury (P/T)

Mrs Ann Sparrowhawk

Ms Fardous Begum 

Mrs Fatima Begum

 Ms Houda Aissaoui

Mrs Rajna Hussain (P/T)

Mrs Jahanara Begum (P/T)

Miss Laura Weir (P/T)

Mrs Dilshad Razzaque (P/T)

Ms Lisa Brown (P/T)

Mrs Munira Adam

Nursery Nurse

Mrs Ruhela Begum

Nursery Nurse

Mrs Lynne Rowles

Cover Supervisor

Mrs Nene Adeyemo


Ms Julie Webb

Cover Supervisor

Mr Jordon Perrier-Marquis 

Sports HLTA 

Administration Team

Mrs Kay Kingett

Office Manager

Miss Vickie Hunt

Admin and Finance Assisstant 

Site Team

Mr Albert Johnson and Mr Benjie Asante

Site Supervisors (Agency)

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Sumi Chowdhury

Mrs Rajna Hussain (Also ASL)

Mrs Wendy Baxter

Mrs Deborah Windeler

Mrs Rahela Panna

Ms Kerry McGuiness

Mrs Shobnom Mustary

Ms Dawn Davis

Mrs Parvin Begum

Mrs Minara Ali (Also ASL)

Mrs Jaharana Begum (Also ASL)

Mrs Monwara Khanom

Ms Jeanette Markwell

Mrs Jannatara Shafya

Mrs Saira Khan

Mrs Fawzia Mohammed (maternity leave)