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There is a warm and friendly atmosphere at our school, which we are all very proud of; together we are

‘The Gainsborough Family’.

We are all learners and we work hard, we are accepting of mistakes and make sure we use them to move forward, to improve and learn more.

Children learn by experiencing and investigating. We place great emphasis on experiential learning; this includes learning outdoors, so learning is everywhere in school and in the local Community.

Children reflect on their achievements each week. Staff are involved in their own reflections each week with each other. We stop at many points in our school year and think how we're doing and ask for your opinions.

We make full use of ICT through interactive boards, digital film and photographs to enhance learning for all. Our children have access to iPads, PCs and laptops.   We're developing a learning curriculum so we assess and teach not only subjects in the national curriculum, but also how we actually learn.

We plan for the learning styles of all children, recognising that we all learn in different ways.

Listen to some of our ex pupils talking about their experiences of Gainsborough